Matlab for Psychologists

A short course for graduate students and researchers

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Matlab pretty figuresUse of the Matlab computer programming language is an increasingly important skill for psychologists and cognitive neuroscientists. If you want to generate carefully controlled stimuli, use advanced experimental designs, implement interactive experiments or analyse complex datasets including fMRI, EEG, MEG, eyetracking and kinematics, you need to know Matlab.

This summer school is taught by Dr Antonia Hamilton, author of the popular 'Matlab for Psychologists' tutorial. Over 3 days, Dr Hamilton will teach students the grammar of Matlab and equip them with the skills they need to understand, edit and write flexible and powerful experimental software.

Matlab for Psychologists will run on 26th / 27th / 28th July 2017 in London.


Who should attend?

  • The course is suitable for anyone wanting to learn Matlab, whether you are a Masters student or PhD student or post-doc.
  • No prior computer programming experience is expected or needed. Good data handling skills (e.g. Excel, SPSS) are helpful.
  • The examples used in class will be focused mainly on cognitive psychology, but researchers in other disciplines (e.g. biology, medicine) are also welcome.
  • Class size is limited to 38 students to ensure everyone gets enough attention.

What will I learn?

You will learn how to enter and manipulate data, plot graphs, write programs and more. At the end of the course, you will have all the skills you need to use Matlab effectively for research in psychology and cognitive neuroscience.

Topics covered include

  • Getting started with Matlab - basic commands, entering and manipulating data
  • Making plots, reading and writing files
  • Sorting out big data sets - Indexing, logicals and if
  • Writing programs - For and while loops
  • More complex data - structures, cells, text
  • Setting up experiments - randomisation and permutation
  • Images, movies and sounds - controlling and manipulating stimuli

Attendees will be given course books with copies of the slides, exercises and answers as well as a USB key with pdfs of all this information

Full details are in the course timetable.

What are people saying about the course?

After previous Matlab4Psychologists courses, the attendees said:

  • "The variety of exercises and course coverage was extensive but not too ambitious"
  • "Everything was great"
  • "Demonstrators were awesome and made the course more enjoyable"
  • "I really learnt a lot"
  • "The cost was worth it"
  • "It was well structured and pitched at the perfect level"

Any other questions?

Email a.hamilton - @ - if you have other questions.

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