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Matlab for Psychologists

Matlab is a wonderful program for data analysis if you know how to use it, but it can be a bit intimidating because everything tends to be described for mathematicians. So over the last year I've compiled a basic guide to tell you only the bits of Matlab which you need to know for running and analysing psychology experiments. It is in the form of a tutorial, and assumes that you know nothing about Matlab but have access to it and can work through the examples and exercises.

The next Matlab for Psychologists course will be held in 2015. Sign up to the mailing list for announcements.

The tutorial is a pdf file containing notes, examples and a glossary. You will need a few extra files, just unzip them in the directory you will be using for matlab, and start playing. The only way to really learn Matlab is by using it, so just try stuff!

The tutorial

Last updated: August 16, 2004

The exercises

Last updated: August 16, 2004

Some other useful resources are:

Matlab for Behavioural Scientists
A book by David Rosenbaum and the accompaning website provides a much more detailed introduction to Matlab

The official matlab website
A bit confusing to search through but all the manuals are online.

A great program for running psychophysics experiments in Matlab.

The authority on analysing your fMRI data

Other matlab pages

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